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 Re-equip magic deflection

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Re-equip magic deflection Empty
PostSubject: Re-equip magic deflection   Re-equip magic deflection EmptyMon Jan 26, 2015 4:30 am

Deflecting magic with your weapon is going to be hard(No its really ez) to master.

First you can only deflect projectiles

Second when you melee the projectile has to be on the tile you melee when you melee

Third the projectile you deflect will be sent in the opposite direction you are facing

Now for the confusing parts

When you deflect the magic/projectile it is now treated as your projectile. Next if the projectile was going for 8 tiles and you deflect it when it was on its 5th tile then it will move 4 tiles in the opposite direction of you.

When you deflect a magic it loses damage potential by 30% meaning it deals 30% less damage.

When you deflect magic depending on how much damage the projectile/magic would have done if it had hit you is how much magica will be drained from you for delfecting it.

Say the projectile i delfected would have dealth 75 damage then you would have last 15 magika. because every 5 damage = 1 magika drain. So that's my idea for a special something for re-equip

I care...
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Re-equip magic deflection
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