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 Ghost Magic

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Ghost of ET
Ghost of ET

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PostSubject: Ghost Magic   Ghost Magic EmptyFri Nov 14, 2014 1:52 am

Yay a magic type all about ghosts by me ghost of et

Lets start things off with the special passives this magic will have Very Happy.

Passive 1 - Your physical attacks deal 20% LESS damage. So your punch would be so weak you wouldnt bother using it.

Passive 2 - Your projectiles deal 30% more damage.

I think that is it for passives for ghost magic any ideas i will gladly look at Smile.

Now on to the spells!!

Spell 1 - Ghost mode - This is a unique spell that may be quite complicated and make all of you rage quit from reading it. or not.

First you release your soul from your body and your body collapses into a comatose state. If your body is attacked you will take 100% extra damage.

Now releasing your soul from your body allows you to move around as a soul. You can pass through dense objects  , and you take less damage from punches and such physical attack are literally weaker to you.

Since you are a soul you can basically fly around and such so you have a movement speed increase in this form. While in this form you gain access to ghost like abilities. Also you become transparent.

Spell 2 - Phantom - Phantom basically means when you use this ability you leave behind a phantom where you last use the ability the phantom continues to move in the direction you were moving for 8 tiles.

This spell later evolves at 100 mp so that you send a phantom out in 4 directions and changes course every 2 tiles it moves.

Spell 3 - Phase - For the duration of 8 seconds if you "fly" through someone they are debuffed (Loses 50% of the damage and defence) for 10 seconds. it looks like they turn very very cold.

Spell 4 - Freight - If anyone is facing you within 2 tiles of you (Have to be either on the same y or the same x axis as you are on) then they are debuffed for 10 seconds, and you turn into a freight ghost which changes your punch tech to a blast of magika. freight ghost mode lasts 15 seconds

Spell 5 - Ghost arms - Fire phantom ghost arms in 4 directions that go for 8 tiles. When used you are trapped in place until the arms go the 8 tiles. it can go through everything walls, attacks everything even players. Oh yeah if it goes through a player they take damage and debuffed for 5 seconds. if someone walk on the arm (Not if it goes through them) they are trapped on that part of the arm until the arm disappears (When it goes the 8 tiles).

Spell 6 - Possesion - fire a ghostly hand forward 8 tiles basically the same as spell 5 but more damage and longer cool down

I know you still have a million n 2 spells to go mech but this is just food 4 thought

I care...
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Ghost Magic
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