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 Infinity Magic

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PostSubject: Infinity Magic   Infinity Magic EmptySun Aug 23, 2015 4:17 pm

Spell 1(Endless) - places a dot on everyone every tile infront of you until the end of the map(3 tiles wide) . The dot deals 20 damage until that person dies or damages you.

Spell 2(Infinite) - When activated you are able to see past your character using wasd controls to see across the map. Also arrow keys cause you to strafe i.e. You're facing to the right using up and down arrow keys cause you to strafe up and down.

Spell 3(Finite) - Every tile infront of you until the end of the map is marked with a line using the skill again you will fire a beam that instantly hit everything in it's path 50% chance for it to become 3 tiles wide. (Can be used with infinite). (Note: You can use other skills while using this skill, and the line is visible to all players :]) w

Spell 3(Boundless) - While it is activated you can bypass dense objects drains magika every step while it's active stuns are unable to work on you.

Spell 4(Limitless) - Fires a fast moving projectile 3 tiles wide that travels through dense objects, and players. (Damages players if it does)

Spell 5(Immeasurable) - While active you gain a 1% damage increase for every tile away an enemy is when they are hit by your spells. If an enemy is hit for every tile they are away from you you lose an extra 20 magika. (Cannot be used with Boundless) (Notes: Only work with spells).

Spell 6(Limited) - Fires a 1 tile wide fast moving projectile (Continues to go until it reaches a player, dense object, or end of map). Cool down 1 second

Spell 7(Restricted) - Fires a 1 tile wide blast that moves until the end of the map doesn't do damage but if it hits a player that player is unable to move (Can still attack) for 2 seconds. Stops when it reaches a player, dense object, or end of map.

Most cool downs and the damage is up to mech if he decides to take this idea.

I care...
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Infinity Magic
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