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 Weapons ideas

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Ghost of ET
Ghost of ET

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PostSubject: Weapons ideas   Sun Nov 02, 2014 6:35 pm

Lets start with an explanation of different weapon types and a bit of lore about them.

Here is the list from strongest to weakest

1.) Legendary, and Supreme
2.) Special
In between 2 and 3.) Crafted
3.) Common

Legendary weapons are weapons made from the past that have made the journey through time absorbing magic from the wielders as they go, and have become strong through time to become legendary weapons very very powerful weapons

Supreme weapons are weapons of a divine origin crafted, and imbued by the powers of the heavens they have been released down to earth as a gift to all mages

Special weapons are weapons that have begun their journey through time and will eventually have the power to become a legendary weapon in the future but for right now they are first beginning and is no match for the legendary weapons of this era.

Crafted weapons are weapons crafted from players they can be augmented in a way that the weapons can be evolved into a special weapon, and begin it's journey to become a legendary weapon but only the more powerful blacksmith with the most pure material will be able to make that transition.

Common weapons are weapons you will normally see people with includes things like regular katanas and rapiers they can be made in bulk so they are common for army soldiers to use

Legendary - Constantly drain magika but in turn gives massive damage boost for a select time

Supreme - Gives you a special skill

Special - Constantly drains magika but in turn gives a boost damage for a select time if a blacksmith has a elemental lacrima they could give the special weapon an element that will give a different status effect when an enemy is hit.

Crafted weapon - Naturally stronger than a common weapon chance to become a special weapon

Common - Regular weapon

Here are a couple of cool ideas

Legendaries - Preset names
Supreme - Preset names
Special - Players choose the name
Crafted - Preset Name until it turns into a special weapon
Common - preset name
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PostSubject: Re: Weapons ideas   Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:35 pm

weapon idears:

1.Common Weapons: Regular weapons either crafted by players or found in shops.
2. Magic Weapon: an Augmented weapon, either caused by a player, or npc, name is usually chosen on creation
3. Special Weapons: Magic Weapons with more then one augmentation, usually crafted by a strong player, or a wise npc, gives some boost to skill, or supernatural power.
4. Holy/Unholy Weapons: Weapons augmented by the gods or devils, usually as a present to some character, these are named by the god/devil.
5. Divine/Demonic Weapons: specific weapons belonging to The Gods/Devils, usually very powerful
6. Legendary Weapons: ancient weapons that were crafted long ago, and gained much magic power in that time, usually found in the dark depths of catacombs, or dungeons

these aren't exactly in order, as 5 would probably be more powerful then legendaries, most of the weapons 4 and up would have some restrictions to using it, but grant much greater abilities, while the others would grant lesser powers, but take less of restrictions on the wielder.

the exact details of the weapons abilities would depend on the augmentations, and how strong the weapon is.
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Ghost of ET
Ghost of ET

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons ideas   Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:45 am

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons ideas   

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Weapons ideas
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