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 Combo ideas

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PostSubject: Combo ideas   Combo ideas EmptyMon Dec 08, 2014 3:25 am

Okay so here's this amazing idea i have

Create a clone that fires a beam forward.

You are able to make orbs that if you move onto it you gain a slight status buff for 15 seconds

If clone fires beam into orb beam then comes out of orb as another beam but with longer range and slight damage decrease going north south east and west.

Fire a beam

Beam Hits

Beam cool down is lowered by 3 seconds

When firing the next beam it fires the beam again except 3 tiles wide


Fire a Blast

Blast hits

Fire a blast

Blast splits so it is sent in all 4 directions after it goes onto the 4th tile

Blast hits

Fire a blast

Blast splits into 4 directions after 3rd tile

after 4 tile all blast splits again


I care...
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Combo ideas
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