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 Ghost of ET's Grand Suggestions

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Ghost of ET
Ghost of ET

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PostSubject: Ghost of ET's Grand Suggestions   Ghost of ET's Grand Suggestions EmptySun Oct 12, 2014 3:06 am

First since this is waaaaaay over due

Magic Jets-
You are able to buy magical jets for your guild maximum of 4 when you buy the jets they will be located in the 4 corners of the guild house. Only a-rank mages are allowed to fly a jet, and jets are 2x as fast as a weretiger bto running speed. While in a jet you gain the tech fire magic guns, and fire magic missiles. Magic guns are a special type of assault rifle attached to fire 1 bullet every 2 seconds they deal 2000 damage to enemy players, and 200 damage to guild houses, and flag points all across the map. Missels deal twice that but you only get 4 missiles.

Capturing Flag points across the map (North, South, East, West) give your guild income Income basically means every member in your guild gains 100% more exp training rate per guild flag you control as well as every hour generates 500 jewels to every a rank or higher mage in your guild. You can attack flag by yourself (Punch or with magics), but Jets are the best use for taking flags. (Unable to join events while in a jet).

Your jet has a Energy Level using your jet flying it around will increase your energy level. The higher the energy level the more energy your jet can hold the longer it can fly. When your jet runs out of energy you will instantly be teleported to your guild house, and the jet will return to where it belongs. (Just a side not every guild town must now have 4 towers one on each corner) When you run out of energy and your jet returns to where it is that basically means you crashed it, and it need repairs which costs as much as a regular jet. (to return a jet before it runs out of energy just fly to the area it was parked when you got it)

Every energy level your jet gets a perk point that the guild leader can put into Speed, Durability, Efficiency. Since max energy level is 5 you can only put 5 perks into your jets so chose wisely.

(Note when you fire your machine gun it fires magic bullets from the 2 guns attached on the wings and one attached near the cockpit so its 3 tiles wide.

All jets have a set durability of 5

Durability - 5
Efficiency - 5
Speed - 1

Durability - How much hits your jet can take
Efficiency - every 2 levels gives an extra missile, increases fire rate, and decrease how much energy is needed to fly a tile
Speed - increases movement speed, and turn speed

Note: Speed also affects acceleration. So here's hwo acceleration works every 5 seconds you will gain 1 ping.

Ping 1 - Newbie walking speed

Ping 2 - walking speed to someone who has enough speed to be above newbie walking speed

Ping 3 - Weretiger walking speed

Ping - 4 Max Jet speed

Every 1 point in speed lowers the amount of time to enter the next ping.

Turn speed, when you turn once you must wait 5 seconds before turning again every 1 point in speed decreases that delay

City capture points - Capturing a city capture point gives

If its your guild's city - 50% damage increase

If its another guild's city - 20% damage increase.


Any questions?
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Ghost of ET's Grand Suggestions
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