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 Conversations with my 3 personalities. That focus though.

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Ghost of ET
Ghost of ET

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PostSubject: Conversations with my 3 personalities. That focus though.   Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:57 pm

Director: Okay guys we need new innovative idea for our new super hyped up pro af game that over a hundred people are waiting so start brainstorming.

Storm trooper 1: Dungeons

Director: Nice that's what im talking about okay topic dungeons gogogogo.

Storm trooper 3: enemies in dungeons.

Director: Hell yeah we need more shite like that.

Storm trooper 1: Respawning enemies eh? eh??

Director: Brilliant!

Storm trooper 3: Pft i can come up with shite better than that hmm. How about. Make it so players are unable to heal!

Director: But... wouldnt that be hard af for high level dungeons...?

Storm trooper 1: Not if you want a hard core game like the souls games.

Storm trooper 3: That only make the prizes so much more valuable. I mean think about it if it's hard af to get and like little to no one gets the items what would happen if one person gets it realize how awesome it is then everyone will be trying to get it.

Director: Trooper 3 you're on fire!!!

Storm trooper 1: Please anyone can come up with simple ideas like that how about something more complex like hidden walls that unlocks the second half of the dungeon that gives you an item that augments the effectiveness of the items you get in the dungeon.

Director: Go on go on.

Storm trooper 3: How about the ability to join these dungeons with our friends maximum of five?

Director: 5 is to much bro lets go with 3.

Storm trooper 1: Yeah trooper 3 5 is waaay to much even i knew that pft noob.

Storm trooper 3: Put the dungeons in hidden parts of the map so that you can encourage players to explore your map more.

Storm trooper 1: and then make it so that every time you beat a dungeon it's harder for you and your party you know if you're like the party leader.

Director: Juicy!

Storm trooper 1: And then while you're at it make each dungeon have unique enemies that you never encounter anywhere else in the world so you can make players feel more immersed.

Director: No one on byond gives a shite about immersion bro we gonna just stick some bandits or something in there and change around the names.

Storm trooper 3: Yeah trooper 1 you don't spend enough time on byond bro lol noob.

Storm trooper 3: while we're on the topic of enemies at the end of the first part of a dungeon there should be bosses right? But almost all of byond ive seen have mediocre bosses that are no fun and they just have oped af stats we should fix that.

Storm trooper 1: yeah hmm how tf are we gonna do that though.

Director: Simple give each boss their own gimmick. Like for instance we go into lord pantysans dungeon there will be a panty boss you have to fight right?

Storm trooper 3: yeah i mean lord pantysan is a panty craze but we love that guy man he's so awesome but a little weird.

Director: The giant panty boss will be melee based but when you defeat the large panty it transform into a thong with faster attack speed but lower hp.

Storm trooper 1: seems legit.

Storm trooper 3: We should focus more on content i mean yeah gimmicks for bosses are cool, but getting to the boss is more fun.

Storm trooper 1: Well if we make dungeons map large enough and remove the ability for players to regen hp/gain hp while in the dungeon won't players like you know call it impossible?

Storm trooper 3: Yeah i agree i mean half of byond are casuals if shite makes them think they don't wanna play it.

Director: Even with ability to have 2 allies that might be tough.

Storm trooper 3: why not go with typical rpg formula?

Director: Elaborate for me?

Storm trooper 3: Okay so get this most rpgs have this simple formula of a tank, dps, and healer. Tank are in the enemies face taking aggro and most the damage. the dps is the one with fast attacks that can quickly damage the enemy and lower their hp while they healer does just that they heal their allies and prevent them from dying.

Storm trooper 1: ah yeah i remember that okay get this when you first join the dungeon you can choose one of 3 skills the tank skills dps skills and healer skills. Tank skills give you the ability to forcibly make enemies in a 5x5 radius around you attack you no matter what. The dps skill resets all skill cool downs except for the dps skill. the healer skill heals all allies and themselves.

Director: Maybe in the future you can add more skills?

Storm trooper 3: Yeah i think we can after all there is the support guys who buff allies and stuff, but that's just a basic idea atm.

Director: Sweet so we have a way to support players to make the dungeons actually playable, but we need more content.

Storm trooper 1: Maybe there can be a secret inside each dungeon and the secret you learned in the dungeon can be used in another dungeon.

Director: Interesting but what exactly does the secrets do? And what are they like a pattern or something?

Storm trooper 3: Possible maybe it can be a mark on the wall or words written in text in another language.

Storm trooper 1: I agree with trooper 3, but for what they do they can possibly open up another dungeon for the player to enter hey maybe it can be like a password to get into specific high ranking dungeons.

Director: I like your thinking, but i'll put a little of my own in that thinking. Here goes. So if these secrets pass as a marking to unlock the door to another dungeon what could be the story behind it? Maybe we can add a story to the dungeons.

Storm trooper 3: Finding someone to come up with a story is tedious af.

Director: Possibly it was just an idea but i like your idea of secrets in the dungeons okay how about this Discovering a secret in a dungeon changes the monsters inside the dungeon you are currently in to make them more hostile to you so you dont escape with their secrets.

Storm trooper 3: That's why you're the director always taking ideas and improving greatly on it.

Director: I think we've actually accomplished something today. Lets meet again to discuss more content ideas for the game.

I care...
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PostSubject: Re: Conversations with my 3 personalities. That focus though.   Tue Aug 25, 2015 4:27 pm

ET, you're a genius.

Loonier in the head than a duck that's tasted human food, but a genius.
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Ghost of ET
Ghost of ET

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PostSubject: Re: Conversations with my 3 personalities. That focus though.   Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:16 am


I care...
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PostSubject: Re: Conversations with my 3 personalities. That focus though.   

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Conversations with my 3 personalities. That focus though.
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