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 Reports and Suggestions

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PostSubject: Reports and Suggestions   Sun Jun 14, 2015 7:11 pm

so, Im putting this topic as a 'I have something to report/suggest, but I do not want to make a new topic for it'.

Ill list stuff that might have been dealt with/accepted as a suggestion from the other posts, as well as on this thread in this space right here:
The space:

anyway, have fun, and do remember to post any information you would like to share about the game, as it helps me and my....*looks back, remembering he is the only ones who works on the thing* making sure the game is running at its best.
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PostSubject: Re: Reports and Suggestions   Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:04 am

Some things that interest me, given I read the post in updates first:

--With spell tiers, maybe make the tier increase with repeated uses. I.E. something as weak as a small, single tile fireball could eventually become a 3-tile wide arc of fireballs with enough effort. For magics/combat styles where tools or equipment play a main role, have the tier of tools increase somehow (For things like weapons, maybe a Crafter thing where they can upgrade it given the proper materials -- Salamander pelts for flame-proof armor, or fangs from a fire dragon for a blade of flames for example).

--Make a type of magic that is seemingly a joke, just turns people into slimes etc, appearing like a joke on the surface but once you're pretty strong have them form heavily debilitating effects (Like zeroing out your defense stat by being shrunk, weakening resistance to magic if someone turns you into a slime, etc etc)
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Ghost of ET

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PostSubject: Re: Reports and Suggestions   Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:34 pm

Players should be able to create their own guilds with a max of 10 players in it.
Naturally there will be guild masters and guild mages can be promoted from d - a rank based on level , and s rank wizards are promoted via guildmaster can only have 3 s rank wizards in the guild.

Guild buildings are split into 3 parts.

1: Main Hallway
2: Resting area
3: Hidden area that guild master and s rank member can customize.

Guilds can attack other guild houses for Guild EXP.

Attacking a Guild house

Step 1 - Destroy the walls surrounding the land of the Guild House

Step 2 - Move your team into the courtyard of the guild land and attack the doors.

Step 3 - Break into the Guild house and attack the flag in the center of the Main Hallway

After taking the flag your attack is successful.

Guild levels increase exp rate by guild level multiplied by .1.

When your guild levels up the guild master gains 1 guild passive point that they can invest in a guild tree to give the guild members special passives.

I care...
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PostSubject: Re: Reports and Suggestions   Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:46 pm

@ghost: im not touching guilds atm, and the game, while is getting a big reworking, and might even be renamed at the end of it, i am not going back to scratch ever again

@kurei: thats the idea with the tier system im going to implement, hpowever each spells base version will allow you to use it in two ways, and each of the two upgraded versions two ways, and each of the four branching spells two ways, it is only until the final stage that it ends at one way(if i remember how i had it). This allows people some more control over HOW and WHAT spells they learn, depending more or less on their 'style' of use in the game. each 'tier' will have a limit of 25 uses before it can upgrade(this is assuming you have the stats). this is so you will have at most 12 of one and 13 of the other, upgrades to the system down the road may lead to more possibilities.

seemingly joke magics: im pretty sure we already have a couple of those lying around, but ill be sure to give it some thought
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PostSubject: Re: Reports and Suggestions   

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Reports and Suggestions
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