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 Future Updates [oh dear gods its so long!]

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Future Updates [oh dear gods its so long!] Empty
PostSubject: Future Updates [oh dear gods its so long!]   Future Updates [oh dear gods its so long!] EmptySun Apr 19, 2015 12:07 am

so, this is probably a given, but sometimes, no one takes hints of what im doing so much

so, first off Id like to start by asking that no one else post here, as this will be one of my 'ill update it, but this isn't the update post im using for the main things going on as I do them'

I basically wanted to post this up so you guys know my plans for the future.

*pokes area with giant stick* now everybody LIMBO

To-Do List

Magics and number of spells left for coding in: (I note that im listing spells needed to be coded in as from anime/manga, ill update as i go over my own lists, and add in spells for updatyness)
Angel 6
Animal Possession
Animal Take Over 5
Arc of Time 7
Beast Take Over 8
Body Restriction
Celestial Spirit 3
Charm 2
Curse 1+
Dark Ecriture 13
Darkness 23
Demons Eye
Demon Take Over 4
Dynamic Ice-Make 9
Earth 15
Fairy 6
Figure Eyes
Fire Dragon Slayer 3
Flame God Slayer 2
Gun 10
Gravity 2
Heavenly Body 2
Heavens Eye
Human Possession 1
Human Subordination 3
Ice Devil Slayer 3
Iron Dragon Slayer 9
Law of Retrogression
Light 7
Lightning 10
Lightning Dragon Slayer 6
Lightning God Slayer 2
Machina Take Over
Maguilty Sense 3
Memory-Make 8
Palm 2
Poison Dragon Slayer 9
Rainbow Fire 5
Reflector 5
Regulus* 4
Ring 3
Sand 13
Shadow 5
Shadow Dragon Slayer 9
Sky Dragon Slayer 17
Sky God Slayer 5
Sleep 2
Slowing 5
Solid Script 12
Sound 4
Static Ice-Make 24
Stone Eyes
Sword^ 8
Teleportation 2
Ushi no Koku Mairi(Curse Doll) 7
Water 7
White Dragon Slayer 7
Wood-Make 5
Wool* 4

*denotes a magic useable by a summon unless provided a means of using the summons powers.
^ denotes a non-actual magic related to Requip

Systems left to be coded
Gains(some passives/Spells)
Party/Team/Shared EXP

other crap left to be put in
some items
most mob npcs
the hud(partway done)
hair styles
mechs sanity
the map

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Future Updates [oh dear gods its so long!]
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