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 Any Suggestions

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PostSubject: Any Suggestions   Any Suggestions EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 12:31 am

ok, imma just post a little topic, if you have a suggestion post it here, but there are some rules and what nots too that:

1. Dont suggest Crash/Dissassembly/GIldarts Magic, this has been ruled as not happening, ever

2. dont suggest things already in game, or already suggested, it is pointless for everyone to suggest things already put in, or already suggested

3. dont bother suggesting anything such as fixing for overlay bugs, guild standings, sparring/spar arena/training method, or for certain people to be staff, because things of those nature are being decided by me personally

4. please read the update list for all things ive already worked on before making suggestions.
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Any Suggestions
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