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 Mech's Update Log Updated 4/26/2015

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Mech's Update Log Updated 4/26/2015 Empty
PostSubject: Mech's Update Log Updated 4/26/2015   Mech's Update Log Updated 4/26/2015 EmptyThu Feb 05, 2015 6:24 pm

ok, so this is a bit 'later then it should of been' But, Im just putting this here for you guys to see a list more or less of what actually has been done in the last while:

7 April 2014: Mech Officially owner of Fairy Tail and Ryan's server goes down.
2 May 2014: Mech posts Update List.
31 May 2014: Mech Updates update List(not specifically listing all updated in that post...)
2 Sep 2014: Update towards Spells, Skills, and Passives
9 Sep 2014: Update towards Magics/spells missing/spell icon count
12 Oct 2014: Mech Posts Mechs Insanity
23 Oct 2014: reminder posted of incentive program towards iconning
26 Oct 2014: Charge Spells added, Dragon Slayers being worked on
28 Oct 2014: Slash and Rotation Kick states added
31 Oct 2014: Mech Posted Update Information
3 Nov 2014: Updated with Information on spells remaining
6 Nov 2014: Self Spell Added
13 Nov 2014: Mech Posts *random 24 candle and a party hat ontop of this thread*
between 14 and 22 Nov 2014: a bunch of spell updating and other crap im not too sure of, tbh, this section is why i should of been time stamping this shit
21 Nov 2014: Mech Posts Now in Mechovision
22 Nov 2014: added General Melee Skills
24 Nov 2014: added in Ice Devil Slayer and Flame Devil Slayer
24 Nov 2014: more spells added to Airspace
27 Nov 2014: Added WereTiger, Slowing Magic, Reflector, and Sound Magic
30 Nov 2014: Gun and Storm Magic added
2 Dec 2014: added equipment items like Swords
3 Dec 2014: Lacrima Augmentation System integrated
between 4 and 21 Dec 2014: lots of random updates of Inventory icons and drops and stuff
22 Dec 2014: Mech Posts Whats Left is all
23 Dec 2014: Added in Exceeds
23 Dec 2014: Taming Animals/Exceeds added in
6 Jan 2015: Raw Map Complete
8 Jan 2015: Thorn Curse added
10 Jan 2015: Coded in Shopping System
12 Jan 2015: fixed equipping Weapons w/o Requip
15 Jan 2015: coded many new passives
21 Jan 2015: added in ranks and Rankmaster NPC and Second Magics
25 Jan 2015: added curse power bar to HUD and fixed WS/MC promotions
between 26 and 29 Jan 2015: at some point added Lizardman
31 Jan 2015: added Dragon Force, God Might, and Devil Power
4 Feb 2015: Coded in Throwing objects
5 Feb 2015: Coded in Item Stacking
5 Feb 2015: Mech Posts this list.
14 Feb 2015: Added in Rules, Report verb, as well as View Report log
16 Feb 2015: More Passives Added
20 Feb 2015: Event Arena in, Several Code fixes including guild verbs and fire making, as well as 14 new Passives
21 Feb 2015: Spar Arena Added, More code fixes.
22 Feb 2015: xp Modifiers began to be added.
27 Feb 2015: xp gains for combat code, xp gains for party/team, Team tab added, new skill verb, Analyze added in
7 Mar 2015: several new spells for Ring Magic and NPC Storage system added
19 Mar 2015: Save/Load/Delete added
2 Apr 2015: Mech posts And Now For Something Amazing!
4 Apr 2015: Added Auto-rest Feature During Walking.
14 Apr 2015 - ???: Fixes to bugs involving the messed up coding
20 Apr 2015: Added Trees and Wood Cutting Skill as well as 'npc blocker' for towns
26 Apr 2015: Added Drains for Tree Merge and Earth Phasing, Water Mages can no longer Drown, Auto-Rest now only restores Stamina, and only until its in the positives.

Now then, out of respect of Me, and this list, please do not post in this list, unless of course i missed something and you know what/when/where(specifically the date is important to the when)

anyway, yeah, update list of awesomeness

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Mech's Update Log Updated 4/26/2015
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