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 Magics Guide

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PostSubject: Magics Guide   Magics Guide EmptySun May 04, 2014 2:39 am

Hey guys, just a bit of a guide to start filling in this forum, and help yall around

also little side note any spell/effect with a '*' before it is not in the game as of yet, but will be in the next update

but before that, let me explain a couple words and phrases for ya:

Projectile: a single object summoned forth from the user
Beam: a single object that generates a following 'tail'
Multi-Projectile: a 3x1 or 3 1x1 projectiles
Big-Projectile: a 3x3 projectile
Multi-Beam: a 3-tile Beam
Projectile Barrage: a mass production of Projectiles for rapid attack
AoE Projectile: Projectiles summoned heading in all directions for a set distance(usually 3)
AoE: Effect a set Area
Screen AoE: effects all in sight of the user
Buff: something that enhances your abilities
Trans: Like a buff, but usually has to be deactived(exceptions are any 'Body' spells, and Dragon Slayers Trans)
Bind: Any spell that causes the target to stop moving for a short period of time
Punch: any spell that only generates damage directly infront of the user, or the space directly after that
Shield: any spell that guards you from spells
DMG: any other spell that just specifically does damage in one way or another
DPS: Damage Per Second
Burn: DPS based on targets mr
Poison: DPS based on targets vit(also slows)
Stun: short binding
Multihit: Rapid bunch of attacks
Shred: Much like Multihit, but with slight alterations(in the update, that is)
Pierce: the spell goes through the enemy
Pushback/Knockback: Pushes the effected party backwards
Target(note: to target someone, usually click them(in the case of ice prison, it lists possible victims)): Any spell that effects a specificed person
Homing: any spell that avoids shields, and homes in on enemies(update only)

(actually it occurs to me that a lot of the effects get revised in the update >.>, oh well, ill list what i can, both from the past, and update, with notes in '()')

Static Ice-Make
Ice Lance: Projectile
Ice Hammer: Projectile w/ Pushback
Ice Arrow: Projectile w/ Pierce
Ice Shield: 1-tile Shield
Ice Sword: Punch
Ice Prison: Target Bind
Ice Saucer: Projectile w/ Shred
Ice Knuckle: Target DMG
Ice Geyser: Beam
Ice Battleaxe: Projectile

Dynamic Ice-Make(Motion before update)
Ice Wolf: Punch
Ice Mouse: Projectile
Snow Tiger: Projectile(*w/ Pushback)
Ice Eagle: Multi-Projectile(*w/ Homing)
Ice Hedgehog: Buff
Diamond Cage: Target (actually, im not too sure how to classify this, since although it kind of is a bind, it doesnt prevent movement, just slows it)
Tortoise Shield:1-tile Shield
Snow Dragon: Beam (*w/ homing)

White Fang: Punch
White Fury: Beam
Blizzard: AoE
White Blizzard: AoE
Snowball: Projectile

Dark Ray: Beam
Dark Mass: Multi-Beam
Dark Cage: Screen AoE Bind
Dark Force: Target Bind
Dark Grab: Target Bind
Dark Vanish: Buff[invisibility]

Solid Script
Fire: Beam w/ Burn
Water: Beam
Iron: Projectile w/ Pushback
*Stone: Projectile
*Storm: Beam with Multihit
*Toxin: Beam with Poison
*Ice: Projectile with Slowing(i should put this on the phrase thing, but....)
Heal: 'Buff'[Heal]
Speed: Buff[Movement Speed]
Hide: Buff[Invisibility]
Hold: Target Bind
Guard: 5x1 Tile Shield

Dark Ecriture
Pain: Target DMG
Trap: Target Bind(*'Trap' Bind *: ill note more about this type of spell closer to the update)
*Fear: Target Bind
Destruction: Projectile
Reflect: 1 tile Shield
*Wings: Buff[Movement Speed & Flight]
*Teleport: Buff[Movement Speed]-Short teleportation
Darkness: Trans
Darkness Breath: (only useable in Darkness) Beam w/ Multihit(correct me if im wrong)
Flare Bomb: Projectile
*Absolute Shadow: Trans
*Teleport: Buff[Increased Movmenet speed-SHort/Long Range Teleportation]

Water Punch: Punch
Water Beam: Beam
Water Slicer: Projectile w/ Pierce
Water Lock: Screen AoE Bind
Water Body: Trans
Water Jigsaw: (again, i have no clue how to catagorize this, since it has a special effect that turns you into a steerable damaging thing that shreds...)
Water Nebula: Beam

Heavenly Body
Heaven Palm: Projectile
Heaven Arrows: Projectile
Alteris: Projectile
Heaven Breakdown: Target Bind
Grand Chariot: AoE
Sema: Target Bind & DMG
Meteor: Buff[Movement Speed/Punch Speed]
*Heaven Beam: Beam
*Heaven Blast: Big Projectile

Fairy Ray: Beam
Fairy Orb: Projectile
Fairy Cloud: (not sure, i think its a projectile or invisibility)
Flight: Buff[Flight]
Leprechaun: 3 tile Projectile Barrage
Gremlin: (i cant remember Surprised)
Stone Eyes: Target Bind

Zetsu: AoE Projectile
Metsu: Target Bind
Zero: Multi-Projectile
Teleport: buff[Invisibility](*-Short range Teleportation)
Airspace Eyes: Buff (i have no clue what this buffs, probably just the airspace moves, right?)

Beast Take Over
Black Bull Arm: Trans(1.5x melee dmg i think)
Stone Bull Arm: Trans(more dmg, but slower)
Iron Bull Arm: Trans(even more dmg, but still slower, i think i may have this and stone bull switched, idr)
Reptile Arm(lizard Arm in Update): Trans(2x Punch Speed)
Lizardman: Trans(Def and some dmg rebound to melee attackers)
WereTiger: Trans(Movement Speed, Punch SPeed, and Punch Dmg buffs)

Satan Take Over(Satan Soul Before Update)
Satan Soul: Trans(ik this gives you some buffs, but it also lets you use all of of your other spells for satan soul)
Evil Spark: Punch w/ Stun
(ok, ill be honest, idr what these all do, before my update, i didnt play this long enough to really find out or care, if youd like to 'remember' for me, thatd be great, but i dont suggest keeping this magic if you got it, all im saying, atleast before the update *note to self, delete this message after update*)
Evil Explosion: *Beam  that breaks shields
Satanic Blast: *Multi-Beam w/ explosion dmg
Demon Blast: *Beam
Soul Extinction: *Multi-Beam that strips enemy of Trans and blinds ppl in area of effected enemy
*Darkness Stream: Beam w/ Bind
*Evil Push: Target Knockback

(again, ill be honest havent even played this magic, dont know its spells, if you wanna list em before the update, go ahead, wont matter much after the update)
Knuckle Shadow: *Not sure how im working this yet, might make a vote of it
Guard Shadow: *1-Tile Shield
Shadow Form: *Trans[Movement, and spell strength]
Shadow Pull: *Target Bind
Shadow Orochi: *Multi-Beam (possibly with Homing, dont know yet)

(i dont feel like listing this just to delete it after the update, but im putting the magic, and this note in here to tell you it will momentarily be unavaible in the update)

Human Possession
Line Formation: Projectile
Baryon Formation: Multi-Beam
Flight Formation: Buff[Movement Speed]
Figure Eyes: Collects Souls(in update i have no clue how im reworking this, because i dont think ill have human possession require souls as ammunition in the update, not sure tho)
Small X Formation: 1-Tile Shield
Large X Formation: 5 1-Tile Shields

Animal Possession
Wolf: Trans[Punch Dmg]
Rabbit: Trans[Punch Speed]
Turtle: Trans[Defense]
Fox: Buff(Invisibility)
Lizard: Buff(Heal)
Bird: Trans[Movement Speed]
Bear: Trans[Punch DMG & Defense]
Armadillo: Projectile w/ Shred
(geh, i have so many future notes to this, since im going back here anyway, ill just tell you about them all when i update this crap)

Fire Card(Burning card in update): Projectile W/ Burn
Prayers Fountain: (oh god i dont know what this does)(*Beam AoE(much like a projectile one, get the idea))
Summoned Lightning: Target DMG w/ Stun(*AoE)
Toxin Card: Projectile that summons a beam W/ Poison(*Projectile w/ Posion)
Sleep Card: AoE?(i think this may be an AOE centered on where the card hits, or maybe its just a projectile that causes sleep.....god ryan, could you make card less cool?)(*AoE)
Trap Card(removed in update): Projectile W/ Bind
Projectile Cards: Projectile
*Card Dimension: Target Bind
*Sexy Lady Card: Not sure how im going to do this, but i think itll deal with summoning a bunch of girls in bikinis and having them glomp a target
*Explosion Card: Card W/ Explosive DMG
*Jolt of Fate: Projectile or Target sort of 'chain' spell w/ stun(ill explain what that means closer to update :p)
*Wind Edge: Multi-Projectile w/ Pushback
*Icicle: Porjectile w/ Slowing? idk ill figure out what im doing with ice spells later >.>

Speed Ring: Multihit Punch
Fire Ring: Projectile w/ Burn
Lightning Ring: Screen AoE w/ Stun
Water Ring: Screen AoE Bind?(i think this binds, idr)
Sleep Ring: AoE Bind
Charm Ring: AoE Bind on Opposite Gender
Earth Ring: (im sure on its actual effects, does it just produce a spike somewhere infront of the user? ill have to see wtf ryan did with that thing >.>)
Twister Ring: AoE Projectiles(w/ Pushback? fuck do i know)

Rainbow Fire
(OF = Orange Fire, YF = Yellow Fire, BF = Blue Fire, PF = Purple Fire, GF = Green Fire)
OF Ball = Projectile w/ burn
OF Beam = Beam w/ burn
*OF Punch: Punch w/ Burn
YF Ball: Projectile(thats inedible by FDS or FGS)
YF Beam: Beam(thats inedible)
*YF Punch: Punch(Thats inedible)
BF Ball: Projectile w/ slowing
BF Beam: Beam W/ Slowing
*BF Trap: 'Trap' w/ SLowing
*BF Bind: Target Debuff[Slowing]
PF Ball: Projectile w/ bind(does this bind? i thought it did, idr, it should...)(*w/ Bind)
PF Beam: Beam (*w/ bind)
*PF Trap: 'Trap' w/ Bind
*PF Bind: Target Bind
GF Beam: Beam thats inedible & Burns
*GF Bomb: projectile or Big Projectile with Burn thats inedible
*Rainbow Fire Barrage: AoE Projectile with all Fire effects

Rock Avalanche: Projectile
Iron Rock Fist: Beam(w/ Pushback?)
Iron Rock Spikes: Screen AoE Bind
Pillars?(idr its name): Weird shield thing in 8 places around you
Iron Rock Wall: 1 Tile Shield
Rumbling Mt Fuji: Target Bind w/ DMG
Supreme King Rock Crush: Target DMG w/ Bind(*DMG(can only be done if target effected by rock bind))
*Supreme King Rock Bind: Target Bind

Fire Dragon Slayer
Iron Fist: Punch
Claw: AoE Punch?(not sure exaclt how to classify, think it hitsd all around them)
Wing Attack: Charging Punch w/ Multihit
Roar: Beam w/ Burn
Explosive Flame Blade(or 'secret art'): Multi-Beam w/ Burn
Sword Horn: Charge(a spell that rushes the user forward, just noting it here because theyre arent many of them)
Brilliant Flame: Projectile W/ Burn(*Projectile to Big Projectile w/ Burn)
Fire Dragons Fist: Charging Punch w/ Multihit
*Fire Bullet: Projectile w/ Burn
*Phoenix Blade: Charge(although this one is complicated, since it generates a larger aura, and burns....wait, does sword horn burn?)

Iron Dragon Slayer
Club: Punch(extended reach)
Spear: Projectile(i think he gave it pierce, right?)
Sword: Punch
Roar: Beam
Drill: (much like Water Jigsaw)
Scales: Buff[Defense(im not sure if this buffs puncvh dmg as well, someone confirm if it buffs anything besides defense for me?)]
Iron God Sword: Fixed Beam(meaning it only effects a saight line from you to a fixed distance) w/ Shred

Lightning Dragon Slayer
Raging Bolt: Projectile w/ Stun
Heavenward Halberd: Projectile w/ stun
Roar: Beam w/ Stun
Lightning Eruption: Target Bind
Jaw: Punch?(fux do ik....)(*possibly punch or nonexistant)
Breakdown Fist: Projectile w/ Stun
Roaring Thunder: Charging Punch w/ Multihit
*Thunder Bullets: Projectile w/ Stun
*Lightning Punch: Punch w/ Stun
*Lightning Storm: AoE? i dont know what ill do with it yet xD
*Lightning Body: Trans(much like Phoenix blade, this one'll be complicated as shit, but will increase movement speed greatly)

Sky Dragon Slayer
Arms: Buff[Punch DMG?]
Armor: Buff[Defense]
Vernier: Buff[Movement Speed]
Heal: Buff[heal]
Roar: Beam(*w/ pushback)
Crushing Fang?(dont know what ryan called this in his code, not looking it up): Punch
Wing Attack: Charging Punch w/ Multihit
Sky Drill: Target Bind & Dmg (*w/ Shred)
Curse: (i think this is a screen AoE or something, idr ik it drain hp tho, and cures the user)
Blessing: (again, pretty sure this is AoE, and like Heal)
Claw: exactly like Fire Dragons Claw

Poison Dragon Slayer
Spiral Jaw: Punch w/ poison?(*like Fire Dragons Claw, except w/ Poison)
Crushing Fang(*Twin Fang): 'Punch' w/ Poison
Fang Thrust: Projectile w/ Poison
Roar: Beam w/ Poison
Scales: AoE Projectile w/ Poison
Corrosive Typhoon: Target Bind w/ Poison(*w/ Shred & Poison)
*Iron Fist: Punch w/ Poison
*Guard: 1 Tile Shield that will poison people who punch it)

Shadow Dragon Slayer
Crushing Fang: Projectile
Claw: like many of the other 'claw' spells before it
Slash: Punch
Blade: Stronger Punch
Waxwing Flash: Charging Punch w/ Multihit
Roar: Beam
Vortex: Target Bind W/ DMG(*w/ Shred)
Eruption: Target Bind
Shadow Drive: Trans[overall buff to character, and shadow dragon spells]

White Dragon Slayer
Holy Blast: Projectile
Holy Ray: Projectile Barrage
Claw: Punch(i may look back to check if this isnt like the other claw spells)
Punch: Stronger Punch
Roar: Beam
Holy Breath: Multi-Beam
Holy Nova:AoE Punch w/ bind and Explosive DMG?(tbh, i have no clue wtf we were doing with this....)
White Drive: Trans[exactly like shadow drive, except for white dragon slayer]

Flame God Slayer
Punch: Punch w/ Burn
Explosive Flame: Punch & Projectile w/ Burn
Bellow: Beam w/ Burn
Kagutsuchi: Projectile w/ burn(*Projectile to Big Projectile w/ Burn)
Scythe: Multi-Projectile w/ Burn
Eat Fire: Buff[Self Heal]
*Fire Bullet: Projectile w/ Burn

Sky God Slayer
Punch: punch
Blessing: (like sky dragons)
Curse: (like sky dragons)
Heal: (like sky dragons)
Dance: (ok, ill be honest not sure what dance does, my memories fading in and out on me xD)
Boreas: Beam w/ Pushback & Multihit
Bellow: Beam w/ Pushback?
Heavenly athering of clouds: (seriously, i barely remember what spells each magic has, let alone what some of their spells do xD)
Eat Air: Buff[Self Heal]

Lightning God Slayer
Bolt: Projectile w/ stun
Cannon: Beam w/ stun
Bellow: stronger Beam w/ stun
Fist: Projectile w/ stun
Punch: Punch w/ stun?
Raging Storm: Target Stunning Bind(not sure if this binds and stuns, or just stuns, i dont tend to fight LGS while using requip to find out xD)
Eat Lightning: Buff[Self Heal]

Ok, thats all of whats already in, this next section is purely magics, and their so far confirmed Spells that will be in the next update:

Sand Slash: Projectile w/ bind
Sand Trap: Bind(this one is special since it binds the next person that would hit you in a short time)
Sand Bomb: Projectile w/ Explosive DMG and Bind
Sand Blast: Big Projectile w/ bind
Sand Body: Trans[movmenet speed, and whatnot]
Sand Wave: Projectile Barrage w/ Bind
Sand Wall: 1 tile shield

Light Beam: Beam
Light Blast: Big Projectile
Light Shield: 1 tile shield
Rain of Light: Projectile Barrage
Blinding Light: Screen AoE Bind
Giant Wrath: Buff/Trans[ok, this ones complicated, since it gives you apowerful buff, as well as causes explosive damage around you randomly, it might be a while till this effect is fully coded in....]

(ok, most of the spells require a weapon, so ill tell you which one, for now)
Requip: allows you to switch to a armor & Weapon set
End Requip: Ends requip
Add to Requip List: Sets armor & weapons you have to a list where you can access them via requip
Fire Sword:::
Fire Slash: Projectile w/ Burn
Fire Beam: Beam w/ Burn
Fire Blade: Multi-Projectile w/ Burn
Crystal Sword:::
Water Slash: Projectile
Water Beam: Beam
Water Blade: Multi-Projectile
Spear of Lightning:::
Lightning Beam: Beam w/ Stun
Lightning Cyclotron: Projectile Barrage w/ stun
Lightning Shield: 1 tile shield
Soaring Sword:::
Sonic Claw: Charging Punch w/ Multihit
Black Wing Sword:::
Moon Flash: Projectile

Blast bullet: Projectile w/ Burn
Mud Shot: Projectile w/ Bind
Spark Shot: Projectile w/ Stun
Normal Shot: Projectile
Omnidirectional Expansion: Target DMG
Tornado Shot: Beam w/ Pushback
Sunlight Shot: Screen AoE

Now for those of you who know magics by anime/manga characters, or want to know who has what, heres a little list:
Static Ice-Make(Grey Fullbuster)
Dynamic Ice-Make(Lyon)
Beast Take Over(Elfman Strauss)
Satan Take Over(Mirajane Strauss)
Animal Possession(Nab)
Human Possession(Bickslow)
Heavenly Body(Jellal)
Dark Ecriture(Freed Justine)
Solid Script(Levi)
Ring(Loki/Guy from episode 1 xD)
Aerial(*no clue*)
Fire Dragon Slayer(Natsu)
Iron Dragon Slayer(Gajeel)
Lightning Dragon Slayer(Laxus)
Poison Dragon Slayer(Cobra)
Sky Dragon Slayer(Wendy)
Shadow Dragon Slayer(Rogue)
White Dragon Slayer(Sting)
Flame God Slayer(Zancrow?)
Lightning God Slayer()
Sky God Slayer()
(god i know i missed one, but cannot remember which one, for those of you who do, please tell me .-.)
Requip(Erza Scarlet)
Light(Makarov Dreyar/others)

Now then heres a little list of whats planned from the wiki, other then those(in order of whats getting put in, or is being worked on)
Titan(Makarov Dreyar)
Animal Take Over(Lisanna Strauss)
Celestial Spirit(Lucy Heartfilia)
Staff Magic/Magic Staves(Mystogan)
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Magics Guide
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