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 Pro idea for a pro game

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Pro idea for a pro game Empty
PostSubject: Pro idea for a pro game   Pro idea for a pro game EmptySat Dec 06, 2014 7:22 pm

To start things off is skills there are no attack/slash button but there is skills you learn with their own cool downs. each skill will usually be diffrent but have 3 things that could set them apart

Damage, Hit count, and type

Damage ranges from 3 things Powerful, strong regular.

Massive - High amounts of damage usually low hit counts

Powerful - Inbetween powerful and regular they mostly have average hit counts

Regular - normal damage can have any amounts of hit counts.

Then we have hit counts hit counts is the amount of times you will slash using your skill. To start the chain your first hit have to land then it will continue with the rest of the chain.

Example i have a skill that does strong damage, and have a hit count of 6 that means once i use the skill i will do the first slash and if it lands then i will slash 5 more time with a .8 second delay inbetween. My opponent when hit will stagger (Basically slowed dramatically. They can do 1 of 2 things try to run away or counter.

Which then brings us to types.

I have only come up with 2 types

Counter, and quick.

counter skills are skill you use when caught in an opponents stagger which allows you to use your skill to match there's to lower damage or attack back.

So lets say my counter is power hit count 4 type counter and im caught in my opponents hit count/chain of 7 and they are on their 3rd slash/chain/hitcount when i use my counter i will be parring their attacks a total of 4 times as long as i am still in their stagger. so then i will counter all of their attacks. But if their skill count was 8 then they will still have 1 more slash and i will take that damage.

If my counter type hit count is higher than my opponent and the system knows that my opponent isnt using a skill i will continue to slash them as if i was using a skill that attacks them.

quick skill are skill that take little to know stamina.

SKILLS HAVE NO COOLDOWN. You heard right none of the skill shave cool down instead they take stamina to use, and if you use to much skill in to much of a short time you will run out of stamina and have to wait for it to regenerate which will take several seconds for it to regenerate, but every 3 levels you gain larger stamina supply.

Example my maximum stamina is 5 and i use a skill Power full 2 hit count type quick that takes 2 stamina to use i will be at 3 stamina and will be able to use the skill one more time unless i wait a couple seconds for it to regenerate. If i choose to use it again then i will be stuck without using a skill for several seconds before i can use a skill again if your stamina ever reaches 0 you will be slowed, and it will take longer for you to regenerate back to 1 stamina.

Was my pro idea for a pro game.

I care...
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Pro idea for a pro game
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